If your product landing page is the hole in your funnel,
you have a problem!

Re-Calibrate your landing page today and fix that leaky funnel.
With so many aspects of my SaaS to focus on, I found myself getting bogged down by minutia and fixes that weren't driving the business forward. Calibrate Rapid helped me find the biggest wins for Summit Evergreen and helped me objectively improve my business.

In one week, I had a report of not only what was wrong, but also how to fix it. One of the best evaluations services I've ever used.

Keith Perhac. Co-founder at Summit Evergreen.

Your roadmap to a more successful SaaS

You’re sitting on a goldmine. Or as it’s known in the business world, an annuity —a resource that produces predictable revenue over time.

Or that’s what your SaaS business could be, if you get all the parts working together:

If your SaaS is suffering from:

then Calibrate Rapid is an inexpensive way to get from where you are to where your SaaS app easily could be...Don't believe me? Download a free sample report I created for Summit Evergreen.


Get help from an experienced designer without the overhead of a full consultation

With Calibrate Rapid, experienced web and SaaS designer Nathan Powell (that’s me), will use his wealth of design expertise to help you increase the financial performance of your SaaS business. I’ll give you actionable information you can use to make things better, and I’ll give you a plan for improving.

After redesigning the interface for our educational app, trial downloads increased by 20%. Nathan is a guy you want on your team.

Felix Roeken. Partner at SchoolCraft.

Here’s what you get with Calibrate Rapid


A list of actionable quick wins

A list of quick wins for your marketing page and app. These can include:

  • Inconsistencies in design
  • Inconsistencies in messaging and language
  • Usability issues that affect user interaction
  • Visual hierarchy, spacing, alignment, icon use
  • General areas of concern

A/B tests to run at your leisure

3 specifics areas to A/B test at your leisure. I'll explain how you can set these tests up, which software is available to you and how best to determine a winner. By selecting the most critical areas to test, I'll help you tap into the benefits that A/B testing can easily deliver.


An alternative Screen layout

A suggested alternative layout for a screen of your choice, delivered as a handy PDF document. It’s always tricky to see the wood for the trees when you’ve been in the forest for months on end. A fresh perspective on your app’s layout can uncover areas that aren’t working as they should.


New design features

A list of ideas for design features that can improve your markeing page by:

  • Increasing number of customers entering funnel
  • Increasing time spent on your sales page
  • Increasing perceived trust
  • Helping establish a brand, not just a product

Prioritised improvements

A prioritised list of improvements to existing design that you can implement over time to:

  • Increase conversions
  • Reduce churn
  • Attract more leads
  • Improve user experience
  • Increase user engagement within your app

One on one Consultation X2

Every Calibrate Rapid report comes with a 30-minute onboarding consultation where we can discuss the current problems faced by your SaaS.

There will be another 30-minute consultation after delivery where you can clarify any doubts regarding your report.


How does Calibrate Rapid work?


Calibrate Rapid costs $1450 and is delivered in only 7 days. All reports are paid for in advance. To apply for your report click on the “Apply for your Calibrate Rapid report” button at the bottom of the page.

You'll be asked to fill out a snazzy form so I can learn more about your SaaS. It shouldn't take you any longer than 10 minutes. The more complete your answers, the better.

As soon as I confirm your details and feel that we're a good match, I'll contact you and organise a 30 minute Skype chat where you can tell me a little more about your service. If I think I can help you improve your business I'll send you the payment link and it begins.

Because I work asynchronously, we avoid scheduling difficulties and other overhead of a conventional consulting engagement. You get actionable, high-value feedback in 7 days no matter how busy you are.

Every Calibrate Rapid report comes with two 30-minute consultations, an onboarding meetup and an “after-report” consultation where we can discuss any questions or feedback regarding your report.

Your Calibrate Rapid report will be delivered in PDF and video format, making it easily accessible from any device.If you don’t receive your report in 7 business days I'll refund your money in full, no questions asked.

Nathan is a talented consultant. He brought us great insight and fresh ideas that led to a beautiful, cutting edge product that will help elevate our brand.

Lisa Mcilvoy. CMO at Content Thread.

Calibrate Rapid might not be right for you if…

About Nathan Powell


I'm an independent design consultant, and over the last 10 years I've helped businesses in many sectors. I've worked with multinationals, startups and small businesses across the globe.

Some past clients include:

Summit Evergreen, BBVA, egghead, Cabify, SchoolCraft, Invision, toggle, Hall.

I’m a two-time author, founder, and father. If I’m not sitting in front of my Mac you’ll probably find me working on my motorbike or out enjoying the pool. I do live in Spain after all!


Apply for your Calibrate Rapid report today

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If you have any questions don’t hesitate to get in touch. I answer all email correspondence.

PS – We’ve all learned from Apple that great design is one of the biggest levers you have to increase profitability over time. So don’t miss this opportunity to level up your SaaS for a great price.