Is Your Landing Page The Hole In Your Funnel?

Re-Calibrate your landing page today and help your business grow

your landing page sucks

You launched, they came, they went again…

Launch day came and went… One month, two months, six months later and your lack of signups is killing growth.

When you've invested months (or even years) of your life building a product, it's dream crushing to see the people arrive, read your landing page, and leave... before they even try it out.

After all, you've done your research and you're seeing the results you hoped for:

  • User testing is through the roof. People are loving your product and raving about how much time it’s saving them
  • Your traffic is slowly, steadily growing every month, with more people showing up
  • Heck, you even got that coveted spot on Product Hunt

You've got the product. You've got the traffic. But you don't have any new users signing up, free trial or not.

So what's wrong?

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Your landing page is killing your product

The quick and dirty 'Product Landing Page' is a rite of passage for any new business, but it's the first thing your visitors see — and often the one thing that prevents them from signing up for your product.

Come launch day, maybe you were tight on time and snagged a spiffy looking template from Theme Forest. You needed something quick and cheap to get you launched and show the world that you exist.

The problem with cheap is that you don't see the real cost until a few months go by, your signups stagnate, and your business grinds to a halt.

Maybe you've thought "This is a problem with the product, I need to add more features!" Or possibly you've started optimizing your onboarding, hoping to get the few people that do sign up to stick around a litle longer.

The truth? If you want to grow your business, you need to start at the source: your landing page.

Your lack of customers is killing your business. And while your customers are smart, they're not mind-readers. If your landing page isn't telling them about the benefits of your product, speaking in their language, or highlighting the pains that they're experiencing, your landing page won't turn traffic into customers.

You need to let your visitors see how great your product is from the first moment they arrive. Think about it this way: your landing page is your #1 salesperson. It doesn't sleep, it doesn't eat, and it's always happy to answer questions.

But if a customer’s lifetime value is worth $300 to you, why put the responsibility of turning that visitor into a customer on the shoulders of a template you snagged for $50?

You need a landing page that acts like your #1 salesperson, one that talks to your visitors, educates them about your product, and asks for the sale at the right time. You need the top of your funnel to be open, not the bottom.

Felix Roeken of Schoolcraft

“After working with Nathan, the trial downloads for our educational app increased by 20%. You want him on your team”.

Felix Roeken. Partner at SchoolCraft.

How do you
want to improve
your business?

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What would it mean to your business to get more customers across the threshold and signing up for your product?

  • You'd see increased revenue
  • You'd have immediate feedback on your onboarding, letting you optimize and improve how you move visitors forward in your service
  • You'd have more data to work with from living, breathing, paying customers
  • You'd have less stress knowing that your landing page is doing its job as your sales person
  • You'd feel a sense of achievement, knowing that your hopes and dreams for a successful product are coming true
  • Heck, with enough new signups, maybe you'd get that interest from investors that you've been thinking about

Your customers deserve a landing page that will help them understand how your product benefits them, and help them signup. With Calibrate, you'll get actionable, valuable direction for your landing page to get your business back on track.

How do I know
if I’m a good fit
for Calibrate?

Calibrate isn’t for everyone, in fact if I don’t think I can help your business, I won’t. 
My best customers all:

  • Have been in business (launched) for at least 6 months, preferably longer
  • Have Monthly Recurring Revenue of at least $5,000
  • Are solo-entrepreneurs or are the decision makers leading a small team
  • Are in a position to take my feedback and act on it — and are willing to hear honest, direct feedback about how to improve their landing page

If this sounds like you, then I'd love to work together! I've outlined three options of increasing depth below for you to choose from.

Calibrate Rapid

Calibrate Rapid - Option #1 - $450

With Calibrate Rapid, you'll receive a video walkthrough of your current landing page, with my first impressions and direct feedback on areas of concern, improvements you can make, and overall suggestions to improve the landing page.

Calibrate Rapid's video walkthrough includes feedback and direction on:

Design — Are you inconsistent in your design from page-to-page, from page-to-signup or within a single sales page?

Messaging and Language — Are you talking to your visitors in their language? Or are you using jargon and phrases that you understand, but that leave potential customers scratching their heads?

Usability — Are there usability issues with your landing page that are preventing visitors from signing up or converting?

Visual Hierarchy — Spacing, alignment, use of fonts and icons, I'll provide feedback on everything and anything related to the visual hierarchy of your landing page, helping you polish up the most important areas.

A/B Testing Opportunities — Are there parts of your landing page (Headlines, Calls to Action, Images, Testimonials, etc) that are potential candidates for A/B testing in the future? I'll call these opportunities out and offer initial direction on tests that you can run at your leisure.

Areas of Concern and Ideas for Improvement — A catch-all category, any opportunities that I see that don't fit in the above categories will be included here.

Calibrate: Rapid is delivered 48 hours after you order it.

Calibrate Standard

Calibrate Standard - Option #2 - $1,450

With Calibrate Standard, you'll get everything included in Option 1, with 
the addition of:

Conversion Consultation — A 30-minute call where we'll dive into the current problems your landing page is facing and I'll answer any and all questions that you might have.

Written Report — Detailing the most important issues for you to focus on within your landing page and my insight on how to fix them.

Wireframe Layout — An alternative wireframe layout of your landing page, detailing changes that will help you improve your landing page to convert better. You can pass this wireframe straight to your designer and developer to implement, at your leisure.

Calibrate: Standard is delivered just 7 days after you order it.

Calibrate Advanced

Calibrate Advanced - Option #3 - $7,450

With Calibrate Advanced, you'll get everything included in Option 1 and 2, with the addition of:

Custom Designed Landing Page — I'll design a 100% custom landing page for your developer to implement, based on the insights and findings from my report.

User Testing — I'll coordinate private user testing from 3 hand-picked testers, record their interaction with your current landing page, and make these recordings available to you.

Your Questions, Answered — We'll schedule a 30-minute exit interview to answer any and all questions you might have about the future of your landing page.

Detailed A/B Testing Recommendations — I'll include a detailed list of A/B testing opportunities for you to run, at your leisure, based off of the new design.

Calibrate: Advanced is delivered just 21 days after you order it.

(And if you think you might need something a little more ‘unique’ to your business, feel free to reach out to me. I'm always happy to discuss a custom consulting project. You can email me at Custom consulting projects begin at $10,000.)

Keith Perhac of Summit Evergreen

“Calibrate helped me find the biggest wins for Summit Evergreen and helped me objectively improve my business. In one week I had my report, not only of what was wrong, but also how to fix it. One of the best evaluations services I've ever used”.

Keith Perhac. Co-founder at Summit Evergreen.

Take Action Now

No matter where your business is, your landing page is the most valuable member of your sales team. And just like a salesperson, you need to invest in improving their skills.

With your three options for Calibrate, you'll get the direct, actionable feedback you need to improve your sales page and convert more visitors into happy customers.

To get started, click below on the Calibrate option that best fits your business's needs. Once I receive your application, I'll be in touch with a few follow-up questions to make sure that I can help your business. After that, we'll schedule a kick-off call, collect payment, and get started.

Calibrate: Rapid
Option 1 is available for
Calibrate: Standard
Option 1 + 2 are available
together for $1,450
Calibrate: Advanced
Option 1, 2 + 3 are available
together for $7,450
Jaana Kulmala of First Officer

Calibrate increased's landing page conversions by over 200%. Nathan is one of those rare experts who understands both conversions and design”.

Jaana Kulmala. Founder at First Officer.

Why Should You Trust Me?

Nathan Powell of Nusii

Like you, I’m a founder. My own personal baby is Nusii, and with Calibrate, I share everything that I've learned building, optimizing, and tuning our sales page to convert visitors into customers.

I’ve been a designer and entrepreneur for a decade, and in that time I’ve seen the very best (and worst) the web has to offer. When we work together, you gain the benefit of access to all the knowledge I have — and how it can be applied to help your business.

I’m also author of The Creative Professional’s Guide: How to write better to Better Proposals and The Designer’s Guide to Freelancing.

Apply Now

What I'm saying is probably contrary to what your friends are telling you ("Give it time!", "Focus on Onboarding!", "Invest in Paid Ads!", "Add features to get to Product/Market Fit!").

I can only ask you one question. How many of them own a profitable SaaS?

It's up to you.

A month from today, you can be nothing more than 30 days older — or you can be on your way to getting rich. You decide.

I'm not asking you to "believe" me, just to apply and see if I can help your business grow. If I'm wrong, all you've lost is a couple of minutes filling out an application. But what if I'm right?

Calibrate: Rapid
Option 1 is available for
Calibrate: Standard
Option 1 + 2 are available
together for $1,450
Calibrate: Advanced
Option 1, 2 + 3 are available
together for $7,450