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suffer with impostor syndrome?

Bigger than you think you are

We live in a moment when anyone can build and launch a business with relative ease. The days of asking permission from the bank manager are long gone. If you want it, and you have the time, talent or money then it’s within the grasp of anyone.

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jobs to be done and jobs simply done

Jobs to be done, and jobs that are simply done

I’m the kind of person who needs lots of small wins to keep me afloat. It doesn’t matter how small, but they need to be consistent. It’s the glass half full affliction, and sometimes I need to be reminded of just how full it really is.

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how not to sell your design services

How not to sell your design services

This week’s post is a short one, but I wanted to share something significant that happened to me today. I learned an important lesson about marketing, sales and how not to sell design services… All in one mighty swing of the axe.

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Portfolio teardown: UI designer Chris Cacioppe

Portfolio’s are a touchy subject for most. They’re highly personal and (hopefully) say a lot about us as people and designers. They project our personalities, skills and hopes for the future. Being impartial about your portfolio is a near impossibility.

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clear first clever second

Be clear first and clever second

Today I was in cleaning mode. As I got to the washing machine I reached down to grab what should have been detergent, but instead found something that threw me off track. It lived in the detergent’s spot, it looked like detergent, but nowhere did it say detergent. Not even a hint. I ummed and ahhed for a minute or two, then threw all caution to the wind and said what the hell.

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