The designer's guide to freelancing and Proposals

The Designer's Guide to Freelancing

The designer's guide to freelancing

The Designer's Guide to Freelancing is the ultimate compilation of best practices for anyone looking to dive into freelance consulting. Finally, any designer can feel confident and secure about running their own freelance business, regardless of experience.

Jane Portman of UI Breakfast.

Ask any new freelance designer what their biggest worry is, and right after nuclear war they'll tell you it's finding clients, and it’s no small wonder. Taking financial responsibility for your life is a hell of a thing to do. With so much at stake who wouldn't be more than a little nervous.

The list of freelance worries can be a long one. I've lived most of them and continue to battle with a few others. The Designer’s Guide to Freelancing will help you find your feet before it's too late. The freelance life can be a great one, so get a head start.

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The Creative Professional's Guide to Better Proposals

The designer's guide to freelancing

So what's the deal with proposals? They take forever to write, they're hit and miss and let's face it, they're not very sexy. But you know all this. So what if you could just cut all this proposal time and get on with some design work? I bet you'd like that, you'd rather be designing, as would I. But of course design is only one part of being a successful designer. You need to bring in new leads and close exciting new projects.

It took me years to realise that writing a convincing proposal is both achievable and repeatable. But my real "Aha" moment came after I realised I could sell a client before even getting to the proposal. The proposal became a link in the chain. Working this way means putting in a little extra work, but it also means you greatly increase your chances of successfully closing a deal. And you know what that means, right? Higher rates, a higher perception of value and a step in the right direction towards a healthy business... but I digress.

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