Episode 5: Interview with Joel Friedlaender of Cliniko

In this episode of Under the Radar I chat with Joel Friedlaender. Joel has a software development background and is the brains behind Red Guava and Cliniko. He’s successfully bootstrapped Cliniko, his healthcare SaaS to over 6 figures a month.

Areas covered in the podcast

  • Do you need to do customer testing in a proven market?
  • How customer validation doesn’t necessarily equate to paying customers
  • How to attract your first customers
  • What the hell is a growth hacker?
  • How working remotely can build the best team possible
  • A lack of trust can stifle signups to a private beta
  • How Google Adwords can give a boost to new and established SaaS
  • and lots more!

Shout outs


Red Guava

Paul Jarvis

Justin Jackson

Jarrod Drysdale

See you in a fortnight

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