Episode 10: Interview with Outreach Consultant Kai Davis

In this episode of Under the Radar I chat with Kai Davis. Kai is a Digital Outreach consultant who’s killing it in the SEO space at the moment. He’s a clever guy who has lots of ideas on how to generate more traffic for your website…and no, it’s not Keyword stuffing. Listen up!

Areas covered in the podcast

  • Are Keywords as important as they used to be? Is outreach the new SEO?
  • Invest time into content that is shared. Take a visitor first approach.
  • Links to your content will help shift your number of visitors, before keywords will. That comes later…
  • SEO has no quick clear path, there are many parts to it that can be undertaken in stages.
  • Strategies for link ecosystems. (Outreach).
  • Target, write and reach out.
  • Relationships will outlast links.
  • Productized consulting.
  • Repurposed content can make you accessible to new groups and audiences.
  • and lots more!

Shout outs

Kai Davis



SEO Scholarship

WP Curve



Nathan Barry

Brennan Dunn


See you in a fortnight

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