Episode 6: Interview with Designer and Digital Strategist Marie Poulin

In this episode of Under the Radar I chat with Marie Poulin. Marie is an interactive designer and digital strategist from Vancouver. As a designer she’s been featured in too many places to mention. Suffice to say she has a truly impressive roster of clients but is now turning her hand to products, education and mentoring.

Areas covered in the podcast

  • The power of community and trust
  • The importance of focusing on what you’re good at
  • How to attract your ideal customers through copy that speaks directly to them
  • You don’t have to be the best at what you do to succeed
  • Exposing yourself to so much more than design can really push your career
  • Systemisation and productisation of services and products
  • You don’t need a huge audience to make an impact
  • The value of betas
  • and lots more!

Shout outs

Marie Poulin

Digital Design School

Oki Doki

Tara Gentile

See you in a fortnight

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