Episode 9: Interview with social media consultant Mojca Marš

In this episode of Under the Radar I chat with Mojca Marš of Super Spicy Media. Mojca is without a doubt a mover and a shaker. Always building something, always with a cup of coffee in her hand and always, always passionate about what she does. Ladies and gentlemen, Mojca Marš.

Areas covered in the podcast

  • Being sacked from your job can be a very positive thing
  • Which social media platforms can benefit your business
  • Social media is great, but stop selling and start connecting
  • Cold emails can work, as long as you iterate
  • Some of the biggest mistakes made on Social Media.
  • How mixing traditional consulting and productized consulting can work
  • Big companies pretend to be small and small companies want to be big. Small is good, use it!
  • Implement, measure and modify. Don’t forget to measure!
  • and lots more!

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