Episode 4: Interview with designer and author Jarrod Drysdale

In this episode of Under the Radar I chat with Jarrod Drysdale. Jarrod comes from a design background but has expanded beyond being “just a designer” to consultant, author and product builder. Check out what he has to say about making the transition.

Areas covered in the podcast

  • Making the switch from client work to products
  • Revising and relaunching his book, “Bootstrapping Design”
  • Giving away educational content and asking for feedback
  • Success, post-mortem reviews and building products
  • The myth of passive income
  • Not all products succeed. Jarrod speaks from experience
  • Unifying products and bringing everything under one umbrella
  • and much more…

Shout outs

Bootstrapping Design


Brennan Dunn

Amy Hoy and 30 x 500

See you in a fortnight

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