Episode 3: Interview with agency owner and founder Keith Perhac

In this episode of Under the Radar I chat to Keith Perhac. Keith runs a successful marketing and optimisation agency in Japan. Alongside working at his agency Keith has been building a premium membership platform called Summit Evergreen.

Areas covered in the podcast

  • How’s there usually more behind an overnight success than we might think
  • How consulting can show you where people are really struggling with software
  • How to create continual sales. The first is only one of many
  • How outsourcing can potentially save you money
  • The importance of starting small and MVP’s
  • The number one killer of products is biting off more than you can chew
  • How using your immediate network can find your first customers
  • How to properly outsource blog content
  • and much more…

Shout outs

Josh Pigford and Baremetrics

Patrick McKenzie and Kalzumeus

Amy Hoy and 30 x 500

Enjoy and see you in a fortnight

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