Episode 2: Interview with co-founder and author Ryan Battles

In this episode of Under the Radar I chat to Ryan Battles. Ryan is co-founder of Harpoon and author of Strategic SaaS marketing. Ryan talks about his first book, how he and his co-founder built their mailing list from scratch and how Ryan is building an audience for Harpoon before the app is even finished. 

Areas covered in the podcast

  • Getting your first mailing list together
  • Paid advertising when starting out
  • Using other people’s audiences
  • Invite only SaaS
  • Taking on a co-founder
  • The Entrepreneurial Trinity
  • Benefits vs. Features
  • and much more…

Shout outs

Nathan Barry

Andy Johnson

Amy Hoy & Alex Hillman

The Pipe

John Lee Dumas

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Enjoy and see you in a fortnight

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