120 km of road to be built linking Malaysia and Indonesia

MELAKA: A new road linking Malaysia and Indonesia over a distance of about 120 km will be developed with cooperation from the private sector, Bernama reported on Thursday (September 8th).

The route would connect Telok Gong to Masjid Tanah, Melaka, to Dumai in Sumatra.

Melaka Investment, Industry, Entrepreneurs and Cooperative Development Committee Chairman Ab Rauf Yusoh said the proposed development, which would involve the construction of a tunnel or bridge, would take 20 years.

Once completed, the link will have a major impact on the economic development of the two countries, he added.

“The proposal on the project was submitted by the private sector and the two countries have in principle agreed on a detailed study on the matter,” he said.

“On behalf of the state government, we have brought all government agencies to visit the area where the proposed new road will be built yesterday,” he told reporters after an interview on a Melakan radio station.

Ab Rauf said the project, which will be built under the “One Belt, One Road” concept, will be a new icon for Malaysia and Indonesia.

The project would also involve the construction of other infrastructure, including traffic dispersal areas and an immigration, customs, quarantine and security complex, he added.

Apart from this, a new industrial zone would be developed in stages at Masjid Tanah in an area covering around 2,023 ha, Ab Raud said.

The development of the area would be carried out by the Melaka Corporation and should also contribute to the opening of a new town at Masjid Tanah, he added.