13 Readers’ Favorite Deals: Prime Day 2022

Our readers love this little gadget that helps keep hair out of your drains. And now it’s over 50% off.

Our pick for the best sleep mask on the market is currently 64% off.

Whether you’re camping in the woods or just hanging out in the backyard, Oyoco’s battery-powered light will keep the party going after dark.

With three USB-A ports and AC outlets in one compact cube, Anker’s Power “Strip” is perfect for keeping all your devices charged on the go.

Add a sweet and spicy twist to everything from pizza to ice cream with this bestselling and delicious hot honey.

Veken makes some of the most popular packing cubes, and we also love that this set comes with separate bags for your shoes and dirty clothes.

Stop using single-use plastic bags for your snacks and leftovers. These silicone bags are great for storage and are even dishwasher and freezer safe.

Make sure your pup always has water on hot days with this dual bottle/dish, which ingeniously remembers anything your dog doesn’t immediately lap up.

Silicone baking mats are an easy way to reduce kitchen waste; grab one every time you tear open a sheet of foil or parchment paper.

The Black + Decker Dustbuster is the best handheld vacuum you can buy. And now it’s 30% off.

A few of the reasons we named it the best alarm clock are because it lets you set multiple alarms and offers temperature and humidity readings.

Anker’s best-selling charger meets TSA battery rules, meaning you can take it with you on your next flight with confidence.

Declutter your closet or garage with the Holikme Wall Organizer, featuring four spring-loaded slots for mops, brooms and rakes.