Polish world champion Fajdek avoids flying after losing equipment twice

Poland’s Tokyo Olympics hammer throw bronze medalist Pawel Fajdek will travel by car to the European Championships in Munich this month as the five-time world champion is desperate to avoid losing his kit by plane for the third time.

“After the recent mishaps, I would rather choose a slightly safer means of transport,” Fajdek told Polish news agency Sportowe Fakty.

Fajdek competed at the 2022 IAAF World Championships, held in Eugene, Oregon, without his favorite gear, but that didn’t stop him from winning his fifth consecutive gold medal at the event.

The valuable cargo was lost on a flight ahead of an international event in the French city of Sotteville in early July, which Fajdek was unable to attend after his equipment was not found.

The 33-year-old was unable to pick up his luggage a second time on the return flight to Poland after the World Cup. He received his case a week later only to find his gear was probably ruined by water damage, possibly rain.

Other Polish athletes returning from the global flagship event also faced the same problem on their way home.

“I hope that the remaining athletes who chose to fly will be luckier than they have been lately,” he added.