10 Best Customizable Recipe Ideas | Easy recipes, dinners and meal ideas

We have all been there; you mark a recipe that looks amazing but, when you get home and peek into your pantry, you realize you’re missing an ingredient or two. Shame. And, while that might be a deal breaker for some recipes, you’ll find there are plenty of others where it’s completely acceptable to take creative control and use whatever you have on hand. . These recipes represent the latter; they’re really adaptable and practically designed to handle any substitutions you throw at them. If you stick to swaps that are similar in texture and moisture content (for example, using different nuts and seeds interchangeably or swapping out one leafy green vegetable for another), we’re confident you’ll get great results. great results every time. One of our all-time favorite recipes to play with? Baked eggs. This satisfying layer makes a hearty meal out of leftover bread and cheese (though you could just as easily apply the same mentality to a quiche or frittata). Grandma gave us the go-ahead to riff on this recipe – so feel free to use whatever type of cheese, greens, meat or bread you have on hand.