Actors Hong Ling and Nick Teo have officially engaged in a surprise sunset yacht proposal

But, Hong said, she knew Teo was the one “the moment I saw him.” “It was at a work party, and we were just newbies. I thought, ‘This guy is very attractive,'” she said. “After that, we went to a few auditions together and got to know each other more, and I really liked his personality, so when we met I knew I wanted to marry him. He is very nice to my parents, loves my family, loves animals and treats me like a princess.

Once, Hong recalled, when his mother absentmindedly threw her keys down the dumpster with trash, Teo wordlessly went down to the trash collection area and rummaged through the dumpster until he finds the keys. “He is very, very thoughtful. It’s the heart that matters,” she said.

Teo said what he likes about Hong is that “she is always so unexpected. All of a sudden, she’s gonna do something that’s gonna make me laugh. I am so mesmerized by his actions. Despite the fact that I have been together for so long, I constantly want to spend more time with her. When I have difficulties in life, she always encourages me and believes in me. Even when I don’t believe in myself, she’s the one who always tells me, “You can do it. I like the confidence she has in me.