Netflix’s ‘The Midnight Club’ breaks jump scare record


Scare the haters beware of Netflix’s new series “The Midnight Club”.

The show, a horror mystery thriller that debuted Oct. 7, broke a world record for its plethora of spooky jumps, according to a press release from Guinness World Records.

A jump scare describes the classic horror movie trope when a quiet moment is interrupted by a loud noise or lightning-fast cut intended to startle the viewer in surprise or fear. Think Jason Voorhees jumping out of the water at the end of the 1980 classic “Friday the 13th.”

The first episode of “The Midnight Club” broke the record for the most scripted jumps in a single television episode, the press release said. The episode features 21 scary jumps.

Show creator Mike Flanagan joked that he wanted to break the record in response to producers continually asking him to add more jumps, despite his wishes, according to the statement.

The horror series is based on a 1994 novel by Christopher Pike and tells the story of eight teenagers with terminal illnesses. Set in a strange hospice in the 1990s, teenagers start meeting up late at night to swap disturbing, supernatural stories.