Alessandro Michele’s ‘Twinsburg’ exploration for Gucci at Milan Fashion Week

Gucci creative director Alessandro Michele has built a true parallel universe on the Milan catwalk with a surprise theatrical reveal.

For her Spring-Summer 2022-23 collection dubbed Twinsburg, Michele staged side-by-side shows inside the Gucci Hub, each unbeknownst to the other, until a wall came up, revealing identical-looking twins in a synchronic stride.

For the final walkthrough, the 68 pairs of twins met in the center, holding hands and coming together for the final walkthrough.

The revelation was so powerful, so unexpected, that normally jaded fashionistas could be heard confessing after being moved to tears.

“I was crying too. I don’t really know why,” Michele said backstage. “I don’t cry often, but maybe it was appropriate in the end for me to cry because it was very intense.”

“I think it’s much more complex to do this job now. There are times when I wonder why I’m doing this? Someone is talking about nuclear war. Politics is a disaster. The situation on the planet is a disaster,” he added. Michele added. “But as human beings, the only weapon we have is to imagine something else and make it happen.”