✕ Close – ARA Apple Support Screen Share Session Setup is a platform that can be used to share Apple screens with support from Apple’s Apple remote advisor. Have you ever experienced problems using an Apple device? Can’t you even solve your problem? With the help of Apple remote screen sharing service, you can get help to solve problems by allowing access to other Apple users.

Screen sharing using Apple’s remote services makes it easy for you to get help in solving technical problems with Apple devices. And can help you to access or even control Apple devices when you are away. This use requires downloading Ara Apple software for Apple remote screen sharing services. You can do this with MacOs, iPhone, or Ipad devices by adding the remote advisory feature of Apple Advisor.

With the brief explanation above, it’s time we will take you to a guide to using Apple remote screen sharing services with ease.

How to share the Ara Apple screen in

To get help from Apple support, you can use Apple’s remote screen sharing service. Following step by step to complete it:

  • You can first download the Ara Apple software on your Apple device, or visit on your macOS computer.
  • If you are not yet registered as a user, on the device screen, you can open the “Finder” window and click the “Shared” button.
  • Then share by clicking the “Share Screen” button.
  • If you are already registered as a user, you can enter your login name and password.
  • You have two options for sharing Apple screens if your login name is one of the users that is allowed “Only these users” can be checked. And if you want to share the screen with other users and ask for permission, you can choose “By Asking Permission.”
  • You can accept invitations from other users to share your screen with each other; here, you can select “Connect to a virtual display.”

How do you share your screen with Apple’s support advisor?

Experience in dealing with technical problems on Apple devices certainly makes you confused about solving them. However, Apple makes it easy to help you with Service share screens on Apple’s support advisor. Following step by step to enter the service:

  • You can visit Apple support and click the “Contact Apple” button to get started.
  • Enter your contact information and serial number to get Apple support screen sharing.
  • Get an Ara Apple session key to activate a screen sharing service session with Apple’s support advisor.
  • Enter the session key in the designated column and click “Send.”
  • Download the Screen sharing service application.
  • You will automatically share your screen with Apple’s help advisor to immediately see your device’s screen.

This screen sharing service is automatically recorded and stored by Apple authorities to support the quality of service for 30 days, but you can delete files that Apple does not want to see. Apple’s support advisors cannot fully control your computer or even access computer files. Therefore, any data and confidential information contained on your screen to be hidden temporarily in order to maintain the confidentiality of your documents. You can also end your screen-sharing session at any time if you feel uncomfortable.

Apple support advisors will provide online help, where Apple technicians will provide solutions and solve problems on your Apple device. They will check your screen with the ability to access whatever is seen on your screen.

To find out more about the rules of Apple’s remote screen sharing service, you can visit the TOS on the main screen sharing feature page. You can also ask questions about Ara Apple services by calling telephone customer service at 1-800-MY-APPLE or 800–692–7753 for seven days a week.