Britney Spears wishes her sons a happy birthday amid family drama

On Tuesday, Spears posted photos of herself with her sons to her verified Instagram account.

“Happy Birthday Preston and Jayden!!!” the caption read. “I love you both so much!!! These pics are from last year!!!”

Sean and Jayden turned 17 and 16 this week. She shares them with her ex-husband, Kevin Federline.

The post came days after Spears shared a series of now-deleted audio files in which she spoke about their estrangement.

“All I know is that my love for my children is more than anything, and I’m sorry if I hurt you in any way,” Spears said in the recording.

Earlier this month she posted an open letter to her children after Federline and Jayden gave an interview for a British ITV documentary.

The youngster said he and his brother have chosen not to see their mother for the past few months.

“I love you very much,” Jayden Federline said of her mom. “I hope all is well with you. Maybe one day we can sit like this and talk again.”