‘Disenchanted’: Amy Adams plays with metaphorical magic fire in sequel trailer

The film picks up 15 years after Giselle (Amy Adams) found her New York prince Robert (Patrick Dempsey). When she begins to tire of the city, they pack up a town called Monroeville, only to find out what so many people are up to – that life in the suburbs is no fairy tale.

Feeling further removed than ever from the storybook life she imagined – especially after meeting the locals, like Maya Rudolph, who joins the cast as a creepy suburban housewife – Giselle tries magical solutions to the horrible consequences.

Disney unveiled the trailer for the film, directed by Adam Shankman, at Expo D23, which is taking place in Anaheim, Calif., this weekend.

“Disillusioned.” is set to premiere November 24, 2022 on Disney+.