Edmonton teenager found, man to be charged with kidnapping and rape: police

A 41-year-old man will be charged with kidnapping and rape after an Edmonton girl was found missing for more than a week, Oregon City police said.

The 13-year-old went missing in Edmonton on Friday June 24 and was found in Oregon City, Oregon on Saturday July 2.

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Noah Madrano, 41, will be charged with kidnapping, rape and sexual abuse, Oregon City police confirmed to CTV News Edmonton on Monday.

On Saturday, the Edmonton Police Department said the accused will be charged with child luring.

The girl, whom CTV News no longer identifies, was hospitalized. She and her family are returning to Edmonton on Monday, her father said.

Several police groups, including the FBI and the US Customs and Border Patrol, participated in the investigation.

Madrano is in custody and will be arraigned by the Clackamas District Attorney on Tuesday.

“Canadians should know that Mr. Madrano faces much more serious music in the United States, in Oregon, than he will ever be able to face in Canadian court if he ever gets here,” Ari said. Goldkind, a criminal defense attorney.

“Even if he’s found guilty of child luring, which is the only charge right now here, where he can be sentenced to two, three, four years in prison, maybe less. In the United States he’s probably considering well over 10 to 20 years just on the charges he faces there.”