Jason Momoa shaves his hair for a cause


Jason Momoa has embarked on a “fresh start” to help the environment.

The ‘Dune’ actor posted a video on his verified Instagram account on Monday in which he is shown shaving off his long hair.

“Aww man, I never even felt the wind right there,” he said, touching the side of his head.

Momoa also shows off his cut tresses and explains that he cut his hair to raise awareness for single-use plastics.

“I’m tired of using plastic bottles, we have to stop,” he says in the video. “Plastic forks, anything that goes to our land, goes to our ocean. I’m here in Hawaii right now, and just seeing things in our ocean, it’s so sad.

He also implored his followers to help him phase out single-use plastics, saying “plastic bottles are ridiculous”.

“Here’s to a fresh start, let’s spread the aloha,” read the caption to her video. “Better protect our lands and oceans. we must eliminate single-use plastics from our lives and our seas. plastic bottles, plastic bags, packaging, utensils, all that.

In 2019, Momoa caused a stir by shaving off his beard.