Jean Charest announces his return to the private sector


Former Quebec Premier Jean Charest has said he will return to work in the private sector after losing the Conservative Party leadership race to Pierre Poilievre.

Poilievre won with a resounding victory on the first ballot, garnering almost 70% support from MPs and capturing nearly every riding in the country.

Charest was a distant second, scoring just 16% after running a campaign where he portrayed himself as having the experience to win the next election.

In a video posted today on social media, Charest says it’s time to unite behind Poilievre and pledged to stay active in the party.

His former campaign co-chair also wrote an opinion piece in the National Post saying that Charest will not run as a candidate in the next election.

Mike Coates also poured water on speculation that anyone on his team intends to form a second party now that Poilievre has won.

Discussions of such a move have emerged in light of how some centrists and progressives in the party have expressed concern about the direction Poilievre might take the party, given his support for right-wing populism that has fueled the convoy. of truckers last winter.

(The Canadian Press)