Jennifer Coolidge danced away from the Emmys

Coolidge won the Emmy for Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Limited or Anthology Film or Series for her role as eccentric Tanya McQuoid in the HBO limited series “The White Lotus” on Monday, but she didn’t. had the chance to finish his speech.

Coolidge greeted the audience with his characteristic way of speaking, telling them, “Hey, hi.” Dressed in a shimmering emerald green dress, she says she took a lavender bath which made her “puff up” inside her dress.

The music quickly started playing her when she started thanking people, but she kept going. When the producers recorded “Hit the Road Jack”, she started dancing to the music. The crowd loved it.

Many people took to social media to blast the Emmys for playing her while she spoke. Writer Bess Kalb wrote, “I speak for the United States of America when I say: less scripted banter between presenters, more Jennifer Coolidge.”

Chasten Buttigieg wrote, “Listen I don’t know how this works but who plays Jennifer Coolidge offstage?!”