Liberal Caucus Meeting: Cost of Living Crisis in the Spotlight


The federal Liberals say they are determined to do more to help Canadians feel the effects of inflation.

The caucus is meeting this week in St. Andrews, New Brunswick, for a retreat where the cost of living is top of mind for all MPs.

Rachel Bendayan, Parliamentary Secretary to the Deputy Finance Minister, says MPs have all heard very clearly from their constituents over the summer recess how difficult it has become to keep paying the bills.

The fight against inflation is also politically critical for the Liberals, with new Conservative leader Pierre Poilievre maintaining his scathing criticism of the government over inflation.

Bendayan says Poilievre is good at “punchy one-liners,” but has no concrete plans for inflation beyond promoting the unpredictable cryptocurrency Bitcoin as a way to “opt out” of inflation.

Liberals plan to double GST rebates, offer dental benefits for low-income families with young children and increase a rental housing allowance, but had to delay rolling out the policies until after the funeral of the Queen.

This report from The Canadian Press was first published on September 12, 2022