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Login the Employee Rite Aid Portal –

Rite aid portal is a portal specifically designed for employees to access information about their work. Are you part of Rite aid? Want to achieve the benefits of their employee portal? You are in the right place to explore entering the Rite aid employee portal.

Many companies have used portal services that make it easy for employees to view their work information. Rite aid has long provided online portal services for its employees. This can be accessed with their devices connected to the internet connection. Employees can access remotely without the need to always be in a corporate environment.

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How to enter the Rite aid portal?

Employees can start entering the employee portal, provided they have a user ID and password that has been provided by the HR team or their supervisor. Following step by step to enter the employee portal:

  • You can visit the employee portal site at
  • Enter the user ID and password for the rite help.
  • Then click the “Log In” button to enter and start.

Forgot Rite aid User ID

If you forget user ID, you can contact the Vendor or Corporate user help at 800-424-6966. There you will be asked for some contact information to verify the recovery of the account user ID. And get more detailed information about your user ID.

Forgot Password Rite aid

If you want to change your password or forget it, you can find the link below the password field. For the “Forgot Your Password?” which is meant if you forget your password. And to change the password found in the “Change Password” link. However, before changing or forgetting your password, make sure you have entered your user ID for further recovery.

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Take the Rite Aid Benefit Center

Employees can manage their insurance by using the Rite Aid My Benefits Center service. They can manage insurance easily, just by facing the computer and through it online.

You can visit the Ride Aid Benefit Center website at for the first time. Enter your Employee ID and PIN. To get started, you can press the “Log In” button. Next, you will be directed towards managing employee insurance, such as changing insurance selection, adding beneficiaries to insurance, and many other benefits. To see your PIN can be found on the registration worksheet received by post.

It should be noted, with the provisions of the Ride Aid Benefit Center, that the confidentiality of user information is highly respected. This is only intended for authorized partner users for information security.

In addition, Rite Aid offers access to online payment discounts through the rNation Rite aid portal. Employees will feel very comfortable and safe when making ration payments ePayroll. There are options to do this by accessing online or by telephone.

Employees who want to go online can log in through the company’s portal site. There is a “My Payroll” link, and you can click on the link to continue. Follow the next instructions so you can ePayroll. Whereas by telephone you press to 1-800-694-3729.

If you have questions or ask for Rite Aid assistance, you can contact customer service at 1-800-RITE AID (1-800-748-3243). And for the Benefits of Rite Aid at 717-761-2633.