Prince William pays homage to ‘Granny’

William has taken on more official duties in recent years due to the Queen’s age and poor health, a clear sign of his future role.

He called the Queen, who died aged 96 on Thursday, an ‘extraordinary leader’, praising her ‘absolute’ commitment to Britain, the Commonwealth and the 14 other countries where she was also head of state. .

“So much will be said in the days to come about the meaning of his historic reign,” he added.

“However, I lost a grandmother. And while I mourn her loss, I also feel incredibly grateful.”

William – Charles’ eldest son from his first marriage to the late Princess Diana – said he had benefited from the Queen’s wisdom and comfort throughout his life.

She had offered advice and support to his wife, Catherine, while the couple’s three children – George, Charlotte and Louis – would have unforgettable memories of the holidays they had spent with her.

“She was by my side during my happiest times. And she was by my side during the saddest days of my life,” William said.

“I knew this day would come, but it will be a while before the reality of life without a grandma really feels real.

“I thank her for the kindness she has shown to my family and me.

“And I thank her on behalf of my generation for providing an example of service and dignity in public life that was from another age, but still relevant to all of us.

“My grandmother said heartbreak was the price we pay for love.

“All the sadness we will feel in the weeks to come will be a testament to the love we felt for our extraordinary Queen.

“I will honor his memory by supporting my father, the king, in any way I can.”