Russia: RCMP investigate alleged attack on Ottawa Embassy

The RCMP launched an investigation into an alleged Molotov cocktail attack at the Russian Embassy in Ottawa last week.

The embassy, ​​located on Charlotte Street, has been circulating grainy images on social media which it says show an “incendiary device” launched on embassy grounds just after midnight on September 12. No one was hurt.

“Our assessment is that this is an attempted terrorist act, which must be properly investigated and the perpetrator brought to justice,” the embassy said. in a press release.

The RCMP said Tuesday that some of its members went to the embassy to “obtain relevant information”.

It comes after the Russian Foreign Ministry summoned the Canadian ambassador to show frustration with the police response to the alleged incident.

“The RCMP is working closely with a number of partners to fulfill its mandate to protect designated persons, foreign diplomatic property and to provide support to knowledgeable police officers as needed,” the RCMP said in a statement. “The RCMP is constantly adapting its protective posture based on current threat and risk assessments, to ensure an adequate level of protection for all people and property we protect, including the Russian Embassy.”

In a statement, Adrien Blanchard, spokesperson for Canada’s Foreign Minister Melanie Joly, said “violence and vandalism are not acceptable,” adding that Joly’s office is monitoring the situation closely.

Ottawa police said no report on the incident has been filed.