These 8 TikTok beauty hacks actually work and raise your beauty game

White eyeliner is one of those things that very few women have, unless you’re a makeup junkie who absolutely needs every product or color in your makeup bag. Yet the only use most people know of is as an eye widening and brightening aid, subtly applied to the lower waterline and inner corners of the eyes.

But this non-essential item suddenly became an overnight staple, after someone came up with the idea of ​​putting white eyeliner on the bridge of the nose as a highlight. Now, highlights on the nose aren’t exactly a new trick, of course, but replacing it with white eyeliner seems a little odd.

Surprisingly, the effect and contrast with the skin is not as pronounced as we had imagined – provided you choose a white eyeliner better suited for use on the nose (one with a softer texture, more melting and in a shade of white that leans towards a warmer tone). Best of all, it eliminates the need for dark outlines on the sides of the nose – why not give it a try if you’ve never been able to master the art of blending dark powders on your nose?