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Movefreerewards is a loyalty program organized by the health company Move Free Joint Health. Companies will provide rewards in the form of points that can be brought to their new program. Are you interested in buying Move Free products and getting reward points? You can join this program easily because it is enough to use your computer.

Now the Move Free Rewards program has been taken over to operate as a Schiff Rewards. The two companies work together to offer health improvements to customers; on the other hand, they get rewarded. With your purchase of Move Free products eligible, the opportunity to get bonus points available online.

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How do I register for a Move Free Rewards / Schiff Rewards account?

This loyalty program can be followed by anyone, including you. Those who want to take up the benefits program must be 18 years or older. For the first time you take these benefits, you can follow the guidelines below to register your Move Free Rewards / Schiff Rewards account:

  • You can visit the official rewards web site at, which will be directed to the Schiff Rewards page.
  • Click “Sign In or Join Now” to continue on the login or register page.
  • It should be noted, and for Move Free membership, you can use the “Create / Reclaim Account” link.
  • You will be asked to enter information such as first and last name, valid email, gender, date of birth, and password generation.
  • Under Health Interests, Check the “Joint Health” column.
  • Also, check privacy policies, terms, and conditions for following the Move Free Rewards / Schiff Rewards rewards program.
  • Finally, you can click “Create” to process your account creation.
  • Automatically after registering a Schiff Account, you will be registered in the rewards program.

How to get rewards from Move Free Rewards / Schiff Rewards?

After registering an account, it’s time to collect as many points as possible for each purchase of Move Free products. Following step by step, take rewards from this program:

  • Every time you make a Move Free product purchase, find a 10-digit alphanumeric code that meets the requirements.
  • Gift codes are usually found above, below, or in the product packaging.
  • Enter the gift code online in your account that has been registered on the official site Move Free Rewards / Schiff Rewards.
  • The point value will adjust to the product purchased.
  • Check the movement of points that accumulate in your account.
  • After the reward points accumulate, you can claim with attractive rewards from the company.

The reward given for each claim point can be in the form of coupons, donations, or partner offers. Points can expire if you do not collect points for a year. In other words, your points that have been earned or exchanged will be forfeited.

You cannot transfer points to another account. If you have points on the previous Move Free program, they will be transferred to the new program, with the condition that you use the same email.

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Contact Move Free / Schiff Rewards Customer Service

You can contact customer service to ask for help or find additional information about this program. Contact by phone at 1-800-526-6251. If you do not receive an email, call 1 (888) -532-4574 for assistance.