‘No premeditation’: Man sentenced to life for murdering wife in UK was mentally and physically exhausted after fall, judge says

The defense team told the court that Fong was “bewildered, devastated and broken” and that he still had no real memory of what happened in that room that night.

Toby Headworth QC said Fong was “living a nightmare he can’t wake up from”.

On August 9, Fong pleaded guilty to the murder and told Newcastle Crown Court, in north-east England, that he now accepted “appropriate criminal responsibility” for his actions on the night his wife died. woman.

During his sentencing on Friday, Judge Sloan noted it was clear the defendant was experiencing significant discomfort and was ‘mentally and physically’ exhausted, referring to a fall Fong had suffered while traveling in Scotland before the death of Pek Ying Ling.

Fong was taken to hospital after falling from a steep embankment and prescribed a mixture of strong painkillers.

The judge said there was “no premeditation” in the attack and that Fong was a “man of good character”.

But, in his judgment, he added that he was sure that within minutes of Fong holding a pillow to his wife’s face, he had “formed the intent to kill”.

The judge sentenced Fong to life in prison, telling him that he must serve at least 12 and a half years in prison before being considered eligible for parole.

Fong is expected to serve this sentence in a UK prison.