Fan who caught Aaron Judge’s historic home run isn’t sure what he’ll do with it


Cory Youmans, the fan who hit New York Yankees hitter Aaron Judge’s 62nd home run on Tuesday, doesn’t know if he’ll keep the historic souvenir or return the ball to Judge.

“That’s a good question,” Youmans told CNN affiliate WFAA when asked what he was going to do with the ball, saying, “I didn’t think about it.”

Youmans was escorted by security after catching the ball in Arlington, Texas.

After the game, Judge was asked if he got back the home run ball he hit.

“Not yet,” he said. “I do not know where it is. We’ll see what happens with it. It would be great to get it back, but it’s a souvenir for a fan. They made a great catch out there and they have every right to do so.”

After beating Roger Maris’ 61-year-old home run record in a single American League season, Judge was congratulated by US President Joe Biden and former President Bill Clinton.

“Congratulations @TheJudge44 on home run 62. Making history, making more history,” Biden wrote on twitter Tuesday.

Clinton too tweeted Tuesday, “Congratulations @TheJudge44 on placing 62! Thank you for bringing an exciting season to baseball fans everywhere and sending you my very best for October.”